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Trying out the Oculus Rift VR Headset with Palmer Luckey

On the very first moment I heard about the Oculus Rift on Kickstarter and saw the introduction video I was like "Yes, this is it, this is what I have been waiting for years!". I've always been looking forward to create my own virtual reality worlds, but with the previous devices it wasn't really VR, ... Read More


Decane at Unity’s Unite conference in Amsterdam

Decane is going to attend again this year Unity's Unite conference, this time in Amsterdam. If you want to meet us in person, send us a mail or poke us on Twitter. We'll be in Amsterdam from tuesday 21st until the end of the week. See you there!  

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Unite 11 Tech Talk Video Available

The 2011 Unite tech talk about procedural textures with Allegorithmic Substances in Unity is now online. Decane founder and CEO Martin Schultz was on stage together with Alexis Khouri from Allegorithmic to showcase this new technology inside the Unity 3D engine. Please see the video right here.  

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Decane’s Unite 11 Talk with Allegorithmic about Substance Integration

The Unity Unite 11 developer conference in San Francisco is over and Decane was again on stage this year to give a talk with and about the procedural textures "Substances" from Allegorithmic that came into Unity 3.4 recently. Decane was an early adopter to the new technology and got invited by Allegorithmic to showcase the ... Read More


Decane in Panel Discussion during Unite Conference in San Francisco

This year's Unite conference was as great as last years one in Copenhagen and Decane got invited to be on stage to talk in a session about "Making money on the iPhone". It was a nice 1 hour discussion moderated by Unity's product evangelist Tom Higgins. Topics were the app store, to go or not with ... Read More


Speaker at Unite Conference in San Francisco

We're happy to announce that Decane's founder Martin Schultz will be speaker at this years Unite conference in San Francisco, USA. Martin will talk with other iPhone developers like the Mechtley brothers (TouchKO) in a panel discussion about making money on the iPhone (see bullet point on the agenda page). The conference will take place in Fort ... Read More


Decane at Unite conference in Copenhagen

Decane attends to the Unity developer conference Unite in Copenhagen, Denmark starting on the 22nd of october. The conference takes place in the Tycho Brahe planetarium in downtown Copenhagen. If you want to meet us during the conference or during the evening Mingle events please send over a mail so we can arrange a meeting.      

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