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Decane’s Unite 11 Talk with Allegorithmic about Substance Integration

The Unity Unite 11 developer conference in San Francisco is over and Decane was again on stage this year to give a talk with and about the procedural textures “Substances” from Allegorithmic that came into Unity 3.4 recently. Decane was an early adopter to the new technology and got invited by Allegorithmic to showcase the ... Read More

Allegorithmic and Decane User Story for Unity 3.4 Release

Today, along the launch of Unity 3.4 featuring Allegorithmic’s procedural material system Substance, Decane and Allegorithmic published a user story of how Allegorithmic’s Substances helped Decaned to reduce the size of Decane’s web game Hard Rock Racing by 33% without any visual quality loss. “Substances helped us getting the size of the game down by ... Read More