Transform Inspector Deluxe

Transform Inspector Deluxe (TID) is a replacement for the Unity transform inspector component. Beside the original position, rotation and scale, TID offers a “live code” execution and a tools foldout which are insanely helpful in your everyday workflow with Unity.

The code execution foldout lets you write live code to manipulate the actual GameObject or even scene objects. This is insanely helpful for example if you want to re-position EZ GUI menu items and move them up by 2.542. The workflow so far was to manually calculate the current position y and add 2.542 to it, paste it back into the position.y field in the inspector. Now, with the code execution, just write go.transform.position.y += 2.542, press “Execute” and your GameObject moves up!

Even easier: If you want to modify another GameObject and move it the same way, just click that GO and press execute again! TID memorizes your settings and scripts and on-top offers you 5 code snippets buttons to load and save your scripts for later use!

You can not only write simple scripts that do one action, you can write complex scripts for manipulation without having the extra effort of writing a formal editor script. Just write the code right away and press Execute, no further ado needed! Simple, effective and at the place where you need it.

If you don’t need the extra tools for a while, just fold them in and they need only a minimum extra screen space compared to the original Unity transform inspector. Transform Inspector Deluxe is a tool that is there when you need it, but not in the way if you don’t need it.
The tools foldout is the swiss knife for Unity with the tools we all need every day. Copy & paste of transforms, rotation button around the axis, create a new GameObject below the current one and buttons to zero out the position, rotation and reset the scale to 1. Stuff we all need everyday in Unity.

Please find here the link directly into the Unity Asset Store