Tea Timer

Tea Timer is the perfect addition for the die hard tea brewer who wants a single-tap solution to start his countdown timer to get notified until the tea’s brewing time is over.

Tea Timer reminds you immediately with one of the 6 built-in sounds and triggers also the vibra alarm. On the iPod Touch the calendar alarm sound is triggered. The countdown times can be set from 1 second up to 59:59 minutes in 1 second steps. Compared to the countdown timer integrated in the iPhone with Tea Timer it does not take 5 taps on the device to start your but only one tap on the Tea Timer program icon to immediately start the countdown and with Tea Timer you are able to set countdown times not only in minutes like the iPhone built-in timer, with Tea Timer you can set any arbitrary countdown time up to 1 hour.

Tea Timer is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for US$ 1.99. Please follow this iTunes link directly to Tea Timer on Apple iTunes.