Parallel Timer

Parallel Timer is the ultimate multi countdown timer tool for the iPhone and iPod touch. Parallel Timer (pTimer) allows you to set up an arbitrary amount of timer groups with a nearly unlimited amount of timers in each group.

Parallel Timer can be used for cooking where you need alarm times with different length, in sports, in business situations, in online games and in many more situations where you need multiple timers that run at once.

All timers of all groups can run then in parallel and will alert you by playing a sound, trigger the vibra and show an alert message box to notify you a timer has finished. For each timer you can set up the countdown time ranging from 1 second up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, select a sound of one of the 40 built-in effect sounds and select if you want an alert message box to be displayed too. On the iPod touch the piezzo sound is played back instead of the vibra alarm on the iPhone.

During playback of the timer a progress bar shows you beside the countdown time the progress of each timer. To be able to modify instantly the current progress you can just tap on each progress bar and modify the time that has elapsed so far in case you want to shorten or lengthen the countdown time. Or, if you need to modify the overall countdown time, just tap the info button to quickly get into the timer setup screen. All within one tap on the screen. During playback each timer row’s background is colored in gray to differentiate the active timers from the paused ones. Finished timers’ backgrounds are displayed in green.

Timers and timer groups can easily be added, modifed or even re-ordered by just tapping the edit button available in the lower toolbar. The toolbar in each timer group also contains buttons that allow to start, pause and continue all timers at once. Also an in-app help is available to explain the features. Parallel Timer uses also a special mechanism to run and trigger the alarms even if the iPhone was locked using the lock button. Of course your timer groups with all timers are saved when you quit pTimer and reloaded when you start Parallel Timer again.

Parallel Timer – your ultimate parallel countdown timer!

The app is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for US$ 1.99. Please follow this iTunes link directly to Apple iTunes. Parallel Timer has been reviewed by