Flash of Thought

Do you know this situation?

You’re in bed or under the shower and suddenly (like usual) you have this brilliant idea. But you know this ueber important idea is very volatile – if you don’t write it down NOW it will be gone.

You want to send this idea to yourself via email, open up the email app and start to type your own email address and as you’re done with typing you notice this volatile idea is gone because you didn’t start typing first the idea down but lost time and focus by entering your email address.

The solution: Use Flash of Thought! This app will let you focus on the most important thing – get the idea written down! Everything else is second-rank.

Flash of Thought is designed to be ultra slim to start up as fast as possible and opens up immediately the built-in keyboard to let you write down your idea without having to focus on something so unimportant as your email address. Just hit the send button once you’re done with writing down your idea. It will send then via the mail app your idea to the email address that you once specified in the setup.

Flash of Thought – never miss again your own brilliant ideas!