Flight Game Example

The Flight Game Example (FGE) is a complete flying game example for the Torque game engines TGE and TGEA from GarageGames.com including all necessary script and art sources as well as C++ Engine changes via an external link to the GarageGames resource section. The features of the FGE in detail:

  • – Complete flying game example with a “game” and “common” directory ready to be used.
  • – 3 different game modes supplied:
    • – Bot Carnage. Useful for debugging AI. Humans spawn as camera, bots as ships.
    • – Deathmatch. Classic deathmatch style dogfight game.
    • – Team Deathmatch inclusive different team skins and team score displays.
  • – Game-type aware end game screen.
  • – 2 primary weapons (Blaster, Pulsar) and 2 secondary weapons (MFRL, Sidewinder)
  • -Player spawns directly as vehicle and not as a player like Kork (so no need to mount a flying vehicle)
  • – Scout flying vehicle shape with all necessary nodes.
  • – Repairship flying vehicle shape with all necessary nodes.
  • – Seperate Scout and Repairship debris shape files provided when the ship blows up.
  • – Full set of datablocks for the flying vehicle with:
  • – forward/backward/downward afterburners.
  • – 2-level damage smoke emitters.
  • – contrails.
  • – ship explosion with debris trails.
  • – Water splash.
  • – Complete source art except the palm tree. Shapes / debris are delivered as Max 7, DirectX .X and FBX files, graphics art as Photohop PSD files. Please note (and excuse) that the art (except the palm tree) was made by a programmer, not by an artist! 😉
  • – Client side HUD with displays for the selected weapons, ammo, afterburner status and ship health as well as a score displays and a radar screen. In team deathmatch mode additional team scores are displayed.
  • – Homing missile support. The patch for the projectile class allows to have homing missiles called Sidewinder in the demo game. Targets for the missiles can be set via script.
  • – Further enhancements like auto-explode for the projectile class after a given time is over without having hit something.
  • – Ability to let explode projectiles by script at any time.
  • – Direct support for the aiFlyingVehicle and aiRepairshipFlyingVehicle C++ classes from this resource on the GarageGames.com site. Put those files directly into the engine to archive simple AI flying vehicles like shown in the demo.
  • – An AI state machine purely in TorqueScript to apply some basic behaviour to the AI vehicles featuring:
    • – “Brains” for the bots. Features a dumb brain and a predator brain.
    • – Flying to a destination location.
    • – Randomly flying around.
    • – Hunt and shoot other flying vehicles.
    • – Automatic weapon selection with auto-switch over if ammo is empty.
    • – Automatically search and fly out to re-fill the weapons if they’re empty.
    • – Can have multiple ammo boxes and ship will auto-pickup one of them for re-filling.
    • – Automatically fly out to pick up health patches if the health of the ship is below 20% or flying to one of the repairships to get healed by the “nano repair bots” the repairships spawn out when flying right behind.
    • – Auto-usage of the afterburner if target is too far away.
    • – State machine is easy to extend for your own actions.
  • – AI Control GUI dialog to have a control over the bots in-game (via CTRL+B). Mainly serves for debugging the bots in the game.
  • – Mission-area aware ships. Script is set up that ships get damage-over-time as long as they stay out of the mission area. Additionally a bitmap is displayed to human connected players and a warning sound is played back if the player is out of the mission area.
  • – Demo mission that shows a battle of the bots.
  • – Pre-compiled Windows and (universal) Mac binary executables to quickly test the complete kit (only need to apply the script changes, not the engine changes).
  • – 3+1 royalty-free techno-stlye music tracks (complete Decane Music Pack 3 from Decane Music) as 192 kbps Ogg Vorbis files.
  • – VMPlayer is beeing used to play back the included music tracks.
  • – Detailed documentation with step-by-step code explanations, merger guide, script walkthrough and lots of tips & tricks.
  • – All future updates to the FGE are free of charge. All customers receive after the payment a private access code for the FGE owner’s page where all downloads and updates are available.


Please see some videos of the Flight Game Example in motion:

The FGE is available for 30 US$ as electronic download version through our e-commerce partner Plimus.


> Buy the Flight Game Example for 30 US$<

Right after you purchased the FGE you will receive by mail your personal access code for the FGE owner’s pagewhere all current versions and updates are available for downloading. Please check your spam filter if you don’t receive the mail.

Please note that the 2 C++ engine source files as well as the documentation of all the engine changes have been outsourced to the GarageGames.com website as resource to be conform with the TGE(A) EULA.

The FGE has been officially approved by GarageGames.com in June 2007. Please note that the Flight Game Example requires to have a valid license of the Torque Game Engine or Torque Game Engine Advanced.
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