9/10 Rating for Hard Rock Racing on

The final version of Hard Rock Racing received the first review from and the testers were very delighted with the game and gave it 9 of 10 possible points, a fantastic result. is a Mac dedicated gaming website doing previews and reviews of Mac App Store Games. Please follow this link to view the ... Read More

Racing Prototype

While creating a demo reel I stumbled over an old racing prototype I did like 1.5 years ago. I wonder these days why I forgot about that prototype. It looks quite nice and with a bit of polish and putting a game into it, that might make a nice new racing game. I imagine a ... Read More

Decane is now authorized Developer for the Fling Controller

Decane partners with TenOneDesign to bring our games together with the new analog joystick experience from TenOneDesign’s Fling Controller for the Apple iPad. Our first game with Fling controller support – 4×4 Offroad Racing for the iPad – has been submitted to Apple and is available quite soon. Decane plans to add extensive Fling controller ... Read More

Transform Inspector Deluxe released on Unity Asset Store

Decane released a fine enhancement for the Unity game development engine called Transform Inspector Deluxe (TID) which replaces Unity’s default transform inspector component by the TID. Compared to the original transform inspector TID offers beside the original position, rotation and scale fields a Tools foldout with swiss army knife common functions and a live code ... Read More

Development Blog opening

Welcome to the Decane blog. In this place Decane is going to post about development progress, technology, life in general and of course our very own games that we create. Enjoy and have a good time with our blog!