Hard Rock Racing

Hard Rock Racing is a fast-paced and action driven racing game taking place in a 3D city. You race against other cars on the tracks, pick up homing missiles and mines to blow your opponents away and try to be the first at the finish line. Hard Rock Racing is about simple, adrenaline-pumping racing with lots of explosions and fun supported by 7 awesome hard rock music tracks! Race with up to 12 cars on 30 unique tracks and enjoy the total explosion mayhem.

The complete game is only 5 megabytes in size including one mp3 track and once downloaded it will start to stream in additional 6 more music tracks. Hard Rock Racing is built using the latest Unity 2.6 and requires the webplayer plugin for online play.

Hard Rock Racing has been exclusively published by Shockwave.com (MTV Networks) in february 2010. Hard Rock Racing is also available on other network websites of MTV like Nickelodeon. Please click here to play the game on Shockwave.com.

Video screencasts of Hard Rock Racing taken directly from the browser window are available here:
Screencast Video 1
Screencast Video 2

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