4×4 Offroad Racing

4×4 Offroad Racing is an action-packed casual racing game with 4 cups and 5 race tracks each cup (so 20 track total) and 25+2 unlockable cars. The races take place in a 3D industry park environment with stunning and beautiful graphics. Each of the tracks needs to get unlocked by paying an amount of in-game money which you earn by winning the first places, by in-air time when doing jumps over obstacles or by ramming other cars. Once all 5 tracks of a cup are unlocked, the next cup can be unlocked by the player. The 27 cars feature different driving behavior so that even if you cannot win with the current race with the selected car, just go earn some cash and buy another car which enables you to win the current track. 4×4 Offroad Racing features great Hard Rock music to support the player in his races.

The inital game is only 3.6 megabytes in size including one mp3 track and will stream in highres car textures, music and the track data once the main game file has loaded. That ensures the player doesn’t get the feeling of long loading times. 4×4 Offroad Racing is build using Unity 2.6 and requires the webplayer plugin for online play.

4×4 Offroad Racing is available for licensing to game portals as web game (ad rev share preferred), as download game and also as full source code license. For licensing details please use the contact form to get in touch with us. We usually respond within one business day. Customized versions (white label) are available too.

You can play the game online on Shockwave.com: http://www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/4×4-offroad-racing.jsp


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