SuperMaze is a simple to learn and play humorous non-violent hunt-and-shoot game using Smileys as the main actors in a maze style environment. You don’t need more than the cursor keys and the space key to control your Smiley. The aim of the game is simple: Hunt each other and try to reach as first the win score. There are several different mazes supplied with the game in various sizes and styles. SuperMaze is fully networked and multi platform and so playable on a vast amount of computers. Windows and Linux builds are already available. Needless to say that all platforms may play together in networked games. The game does not require the very latest hardware. A moderate system with 800 Mhz is sufficient to play.

SuperMaze is freeware! Download your version of the game right now and play a round with up to 16 of your friends online or in a LAN. SuperMaze has been published by indies@work, the predecessor of Decane. 






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