Support for RC Mini Racers – Ubuntu Software Center version

Support for RC Mini Racers – Ubuntu Software Center version

RC Mini Racers uses the Unity 3D engine from Unity Technologies. As the Linux export function is brand new in the 4.0 release of the engine we’re working closely with the Linux devs at Unity to iron out a few issues we encountered which are listed below.


Update September 9th 2013:

All known issues should be fixed with version 1.2. We’ve been able to finally reproduce the errors and fixed them. All of them! 🙂

If you previously lost your cars or your coins, you can change the coins value manually in home/.config/unity3d/Decane/RC Mini Racers/prefs and locate there the “coins”: string. Just modify the number after coins: to your desired coins value.

Same goes for cars, you can simply set for each car now the CAR_<number>_unlocked to 1 to unlock a car.


Update January 28th 2013:

We’ve been able to trace down what the issue is for the black-screen-at-startup issue. The game starts up at a default resolution of 1024×768 fullscreen. On many Intel GMA chipset systems this resolution is not supported and the game freezes. The temporary solution is to start the game manually from the Terminal manually specifying the resolution of your machine. Example for a Notebook system with a 1280×800 pixel screen size:

/opt/decane-rcminiracers/RC\ Mini\ Racers -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 800

We’re working on fixing this permanently in an update.


Known issues
• A few users reported that their progress is not stored. We found out that the game’s preferences file located in ~/.config/unity3d/Decane/RC Mini Racers/ is not writeable for “group” nor “users”. This surfaces also in the effect that the default yellow pickup truck is suddenly locked. Please either change the permissions or remove the directoy above and restart. That usually fixes the issue. We’re working to fix that one! And before you delete the directoy or change permissions, please run the following command

`ls -lh ~/.config/unity3d/Decane/RC\ Mini\ Racers/`

and send us the output to

• Black screen at startup of the game. We’ve heard this a few times, but have not yet been able to track down why this happens. We hope the next update of the Unity engine and a following update of the game will fix this. If possible, try other graphics drivers and if that all fails, please ask for a refund at Ubuntu. But please do send us your player log file so we have a chance to see what goes wrong and hopefully fix it at some point. Please send the player log  to located at ~/.config/unity3d/Decane/RC Mini Racers/Player.log

• Crash at startup. Same as above, please send us the log file from ~/.config/unity3d/Decane/RC Mini Racers/

You might want to try to run the game directly via the console and see if any crash log comes directly to the terminal. If so, please send us the output!


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