Daily Jigsaw

Sunday afternoon, a rainy day. Have a cup of tea or coffee, relax, listen to light guitar music and play some jigsaw puzzles. Sounds good?

Daily Jigsaw offers you each day in the year a new photo to play. Just be connected to the internet while playing and the game automatically downloads the new photo right into the game. Tap the photo on the desk and start playing instantly.

Daily Jigsaw has even more photos to play. 190+ photos are included in the game – some free, some as In App Purchase. The jigsaw puzzle sizes can be selected between 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 pieces. To make the game accessible by all audiences, the snapping precision for a puzzle piece can be selected in steps between very precise up to a kids mode where you only need to move the piece near the right slot and it will snap in.

To put you in the right mood and help relaxing, light guitar and piano music plays in the background. Or play your own music if you want. Would like to zoom in a bit? The Zoom button will help you and zoom the board in. Want to play our own photos as background? Take any image from the camera roll as your puzzle background.

Enjoy a new jigsaw puzzle every day in Daily Jigsaw!