Bubblez is a mixture of a match-2 bubble bursting game combined with popping away those bubbles against time as every second or faster new balls automatically fall down on the stack and you need to make sure the stack of bubbles doesn’t get too high that the balls fall out of the container. Bubblez is of course safe to play even if phone calls are incoming. The game gets autosaved and the next time you start the game again the saved game will be resumed. Bubblez is a truely addcitive game you want to play over and over!

The game contains a local and an internet highscore list to compare your scores against all others in the world. Based upon the successful predecessor Bubble Bang with more than 360.000 downloads this game will be the must-have in the category of bubble bursting match-2 games on the iPhone!

Please find Bubblez here in the Apple App Store (iTunes Link).


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