Bubble Bang

Bubble Bang is an ultra addictive match-2 bubble popping game. Tap 2 or more bubbles of the same color that touch each other to let them explode. The longer the strings of bubbles gets, the more points you receive. But watch out – for each exploding string of bubbles a bunch of new bubbles will fall down and quickly fill up the stack. Additionally every few seconds so-called wondercubes drop onto the stack with a surprise inside if you tap the wondercube.

Bubble Bang has 4 different difficulty game modes to play. Starting with the easy game mode for the beginner over to normal and hard up to the ultra game mode for the absolute Bubble Bang experts. The game features also an internet highscore list separate for each game mode and each month of the year. Compare your Bubble Bang skills against all other players in the world and try to beat them!

Bubble Bang uses the NVidia PhysX engine for a real physics simulation of the bubbles. The game also makes use of the iPhone accelerometer. If you want to re-sort the stack of bubbles, simply shake the iPhone a bit to let the container get shaked and the bubbles get re-sorted.

Have fun playing Bubble Bang! We know you will love it! 🙂

Bubble Bang is available in the Apple App StoreA free Lite version is also available to test the game with one difficulty mode.




Read what customers said about Bubble Bang:

USA: Fun! I have absolutely no idea why I find it so therapeutic to pop bubbles!
Germany: Wow, super super addictive game! Love it!
UK: Really a hit! Awesome physics on the iPhone!

Bubble Bang on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWaTOfJ7Tpk


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