2 years – from Duct Tape Rift to DK2

Exactly 2 years ago I wrote a blog post about my experience when I met Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell in Amsterdam during Unity's Unite 2012 where they gave me a short time slot to test out the duct tape version of the Oculus Rift.     It's just 2 years and so much happened since then. After some ... Read More


3 Games in the Top 10

Fun fact: 3 of our games are listed in the top 10 free charts in the racing category in the Mac App Store. Especially noticeable as RC Mini Racers was launched 2 years ago!  

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Kinect v2 Developer Event Impressions

We're having fun here in Berlin at the wonderful Microsoft Store "Unter den Linden" directly in the heart of Berlin. 2nd day of the event, 24h Hackathon in progress and everyone creates great apps and demos for the new Kinect v2 Sensor. Please find below some photos of the event and Hackathon. Oh btw, thanks Microsoft ... Read More


Preview of new Racing Game “Gods of Drifting”

We'd like to share today a few images and a video of our upcoming game "Gods of Drifting". The game is all about hardcore racing and drifting through the corners. Handbrakes are needed to leave a lot of rubber on the tarmac and turn at full speed into the next straight. The game is set ... Read More


Trying out the Oculus Rift VR Headset with Palmer Luckey

On the very first moment I heard about the Oculus Rift on Kickstarter and saw the introduction video I was like "Yes, this is it, this is what I have been waiting for years!". I've always been looking forward to create my own virtual reality worlds, but with the previous devices it wasn't really VR, ... Read More


Casual Connect 2012 in Hamburg

We're going to attend the Casual Connect conference in Hamburg starting february 7th. If you want to meet us for a business meeting or just say hello, send us a mail or grab us at the conference. We've been attending Casual Connect now for 3 years in a row and this 4th time will be ... Read More


Desktop Background from In the Line of Fire

I'd like to share a desktop background from the upcoming tank base defense game In the Line Of Fire which will be out in september on the Mac and iOS devices as well as for the web. Enjoy! (click to enlarge the image)

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New Tank Defense Game – In the Line of Fire

We're working hard on a new game called "In the Line of Fire". You control a huge gun and defeat your base against waves of tanks. Randomly incoming air support brings in 10+ bonus weapons and items to support you while defeating the 4 types of tanks in the game attacking your base. The game ... Read More


Racing Prototype

While creating a demo reel I stumbled over an old racing prototype I did like 1.5 years ago. I wonder these days why I forgot about that prototype. It looks quite nice and with a bit of polish and putting a game into it, that might make a nice new racing game. I imagine a ... Read More


Gold! Hard Rock Racing submitted to the Mac App Store

Hard Rock Racing has gone gold and been submitted to the Mac App Store. We’re awaiting the release of the game within the next 10 days. Stay tuned for more news here.

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