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Allegorithmic and Decane User Story for Unity 3.4 Release

Today, along the launch of Unity 3.4 featuring Allegorithmic’s procedural material system Substance, Decane and Allegorithmic published a user story of how Allegorithmic’s Substances helped Decaned to reduce the size of Decane’s web game Hard Rock Racing by 33% without any visual quality loss. “Substances helped us getting the size of the game down by 33% by using procedurally generated normal maps for the materials instead of baked bitmap textures. We worked closely with the very gentle Allegorithmic guys and it was great working with them!” said Decane founder Martin Schultz.

Decane’s Hard Rock Racing will be available as web version in August 2011 on several online game portals. Please read more about Hard Rock Racing on the dedicated game website.