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Bubblez, Bubblez Lite and Pony Puzzle released on iTunes

Decane recently released three new iPhone games, namely Bubblez and Bubblez Lite and Pony Puzzle. Bubblez is a very addictive match-2 bubble bursting game with an interesting new perspective on the game concept as constantly new bubbles drop down and the player needs to click those bubbles away against time. This new gameplay variant can get very hectic for the player as he needs to play strategic and has to have also a good hand / eye combination to not get the stack flodded up too fast. An ad-supported lite version of Bubblez (iTunes Link) is available too. You find the products pages for Bubblez here and for Bubblez Lite here.







Pony Puzzle is a new version of the well-known slider puzzle game type where you need to resort the puzzle tiles to get a matching picture. The game is themed with cute ponys and aimed at younger ages. The game is freely available in the Apple App Store (iTunes Link). Please see also our product page for Pony Puzzle.