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Decane gets co-author on upcoming iPhone development book

We proudly announce that Decane’s founder Martin Schultz is co-author for an upcoming iPhone development book which hits the stores early june 2009.

The upcoming german book called “iPhone Entwicklung für Einsteiger” (iPhone development for beginners) will not be a pure code cookbook, but explain everything that belongs to a successful launch of an app, from registerering with Apple as developer, install the necessary tools, explain how to get apps onto the device, present a few code examples, explain the App Store, the signing of apps and the whole certification process as well as further interesting side aspects like Admob ad integration and an outlook into game development with the Unity iPhone game engine.

“I’m very happy I can help out Michael (the author – Michael Kain) on the book with ideas, Admob and Unity specific know how” said Decane founder Martin Schultz and continued “Michaels book will be very unique on the market as no other yet announced book covers all the little tricks and need-to-knows around the iPhone. Pure code cookbooks are available, but for a true beginner a way too high entry barrier and exactly here comes Michaels book into the game. This book will help you get your app on the iPhone!”.

The book is subjected to hit the stores July 3rd and is published by Entwickler-Press.de. Pre-orders can be placed already at Amazon.de’s book page.