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Flight Game Example released for Torque Game Engines

Today Decane released their long awaited Flight Game Example (FGE), a complete example of how to make a flying game for the Torque game engines TGE and TGEA from GarageGames.com.

The FGE contains all source scripts and source art as well as custom C++ AI flying vehicle classes (linked on the GarageGames site) and offers the Torque developer a quick way of getting decent flying vehicles into his game. The FGE contains also full working demo games for the Torque engines TGE 1.4.2, TGE 1.5 and TGEA 1.0.1 for Windows and also a Mac version TGE 1.4.2 to see the full potential. Included is also a detailed documentation with source code explanations, script walk-throughs, merger guides and tips & tricks. The FGE is officially approved by GarageGames and is available in the Decane store for 30 US$ as electronic download version.